(via Nike teams up with Self Enhancement | kgw.com Portland)

First off, this is a great example of Project Based Learning and also business school partnerships, real world experience, group work, performance based assessment and above all (sorry Joe Smith) a really bad local newscasters :)

I had the chance to visit this school as part of IDEA’s Innovation tour in Oregon at the end of April. Self Enhancement Inc.  believes you most help develop the whole of the child, the family and the community by using multifaceted relationships with the children from 2nd grade til they are 25. Their programs are varied but all of them support the belief that we can just focus on academics, we need to focus on the whole life of the children. Their wrap around programs are one of the best I have seen. While HCZ and G. Canada are being held up by WFS folks, it is people like those at SEI who are really doing innovative work around social justice, leadership and community building! I recommend checking out their material on-line and supporting them via facebook… and if you are in Oregon, look in to volunteering or visiting! One of the best stop on the Tour!

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